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Improve your life with better learning and memory skills

Discover how a new learning system is already helping thousands of people , across the country and worldwide, improve their life by changing the way they learn and remember.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how your ability to learn influences your life and prosperity? Take a moment and consider:

  • Your ability to learn during school heavily influences your grades, the quality of your education, and the choices you have for a career.
  • Your ability to learn 'on the job' has a significant impact on your employment, promotion prospects and overall income or business success.
  • While your employment may provide formal training, how much do you remember 2 weeks, 6 months or a year after the course? The value you get from such training often depends on your personal learning skills.
  • As the retirement age increases, you'll need a well-functioning brain for longer. You can ward off degenerative brain diseases and age-related mental decline through continual learning and mental exercise.

While learning is a fundamental skill, it's surprising that it's so hard to find accurate and up-to-date information on how to learn well. You may be like many others who believe the Internet should make it easier to find such information. Instead, it's helped many organizations make a lot of money selling inaccurate and out-of-date products and information. Let's look at some examples:

  • Subliminal Learning and Sleep Learning. Millions of tapes & CDs sold - however much reliable research shows it doesn't work.
  • Superlearning, or 'music for learning.' There are dozens of products available - from CDs of 'accelerated learning music' to books and courses. Research shows that while music helps relaxation, it doesn't directly help the learning process.
  • Dietary Supplements for 'Memory.' Part of the multi-billion-dollar natural supplements market. Few products have a significant impact on memory when tested in controlled trials, and some are dangerous!

Other products, systems and authors only provide part of the answer. For example, systems like NLP and authors like Tony Buzan, Kevin Trudeau (Mega Memory) and Colin Rose provide good information but only in particular areas.

Why is there such a large interest in memory improvement products? When you consider that humans, on average, forget 80% or more of material they've learned after only 24 hours, you can start to understand why people are seeking ways to help 'lock in' information. Unfortunately though, many people are looking for the 'silver bullet' to memory improvement. There is no silver bullet.

We can, however, tell you what does work. After reading this page you will have a much better way to think about learning. You'll immediately be able to start using this knowledge to work out for yourself the value of various learning improvement products. You'll also be on your way to better learning and improved memory - just by understanding the simple principle described next.

The core principle - mental fitness

Improved memory and learning come from mental fitness. Your mental fitness determines how well you will learn and remember new information. Your mental fitness controls how effectively you can use your brain to achieve the goals you want and the prosperity you wish for.

A good way to think about this principle is that mental fitness is similar to physical fitness. Let's look at some examples:

  • Your natural muscle performance doesn't differ that much from the rest of the population. It's how you train and exercise them that make them either strong or weak. Similarly, your natural brain performance does not differ that much from other people as well. It's how you train and use your 'brain muscle' that makes a real difference.
  • You can improve your athletic fitness through many activities. Similarly, you can also improve your mental fitness through many activities. Some are easy, some are challenging. It's often the more challenging ones that have the most benefit.
  • You don't expect you can run a marathon the day after going for a jog for the first time in five years. Similarly, you can't learn one memory technique and suddenly your memory drastically improves. You can, however, start to see results early in your training program, spurring you on to better fitness. Your brain rewards you for positive learning experiences.
  • Like improving your athletic fitness, improving your memory fitness has benefits in many areas of your life. Employment, relationships, confidence and leisure are a few. In today's economic climate, self-directed learners have a great advantage over those who wait for the next organized course to come along.
  • If you don't take care of physical fitness, it's more likely you'll develop physical illnesses and diseases such as heart disease. Similarly, if you don't take care of your mental fitness it's more likely you'll develop brain illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease, or that you'll experience age-related mental decline earlier in life. Both physical and mental fitness can help your body and brain work effectively for longer.

When you think about this principle, it makes sense. Hopefully you can begin to see why many memory improvement products don't work all that well, or at all. If a product promises significant memory improvements without much mental effort on your part, be suspicious! That's like saying you can improve your physical fitness without lifting a finger. Or it's like saying you can lose weight simply by taking a pill. You would be wary of those claims - why would memory be any different?

Introducing Memletics - Memory Athletics

Now is a good time to introduce Memletics. The Memletics Accelerated Learning System is a new way to develop and improve your learning skills and mental fitness. Memletics helps you learn faster and keep what you've learned for longer. It's based on research from medicine, neurology and education, as well as experiences of the author and others over the past twenty years.

The name Memletics comes from two words - Memory and Athletics. From the beginning, Memletics has been based on using mental fitness as the core enabler of better learning and better memory. Memletics uses several approaches to help you accelerate your learning:

  • It provides an integrated learning system. This gives you a clear structure and specific steps to help you achieve top mental fitness and highly effective learning practices.
  • It recognizes your brain's natural abilities and uses them effectively. Your brain has an immense capability for learning, and Memletics helps you use more of your unused capability.
  • It helps your brain perform well, from both a physical and mental perspective. With some knowledge of what positively and negatively impacts the brain, you can help it perform at its best.
  • It helps you use new technology to enhance your learning. There are valuable and affordable tools now available that can significantly improve learning and memory.

Memletics is unique because it combines research from not one but several areas of human performance. Using Memletics and accelerated learning you can rediscover (or for some people, discover for the first time) the satisfaction of learning well.

About the Author - Sean Whiteley

Over the past twenty years, I've been using Memletics (and earlier versions of it) to help me learn faster in several areas. For example:

  • I completed a three-year accelerated degree in business and information technology, and then joined one of the top management and technology consultancy organizations in the country. I was promoted to a managerial position only five years after joining.
  • I completed a Microsoft 'Systems Engineer' certification in my spare time, with an average score of 93% in the exams.
  • I completed my private pilot's license, with an average score of 96% for the theory tests, flying solo after only 8 hours of training, and completing the unrestricted component of training in close to the minimum hours the school had seen - especially for a part timer flying on weekends.
  • I've researched, written and published - worldwide - the Memletics Accelerated Learning Manual. I'm now helping many other people learn how to be a Memletic Learner.

As you can see, the Memletics Manual is not just about learning for academic purposes. It's a practical guide you can use for a wide variety of learning goals.

New to Memletics or accelerated learning?

To start learning faster and improving your memory now, go to the Memletics Manual Home Page. The Memletics Manual describes the Memletics Accelerated Learning System in detail. You can also see more information on Memletics and memory improvement techniques, concentration, study skills, adult education, learning styles, and comparing other resources.

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