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Learn effective speed reading with Memletics

One of the key messages we received from our regular User Survey was that people want to know how to read faster. In the usual Memletics spirit, what started as a short supplement has turned into this complete course on effective speed reading.

We've looked at good speed reading courses, analyzed educational research and filtered the hype to create this new course. We've applied the Memletics principle of 'no silver bullets.' We've also added information not found in any other speed reading course we're aware of - information that's critical in today's online world.

This course is the 'Memletics™ Effective Speed Reading Course.' In short, this course will give you the information you need to significantly improve your reading speed. You'll learn how to read faster, whether its on paper or on screen.

What does the course include?

The course is distributed as a printable PDF file with 110 full size letter/A4 pages. You can download the course within 10 minutes from this site. The course contains the following modules:

The course also includes a 13 page workbook that guides you through a 4 week program.

Why is the Memletics course different?

Here are just some of the reasons why the Memletics Effective Speed Reading Course is different to any other course:

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Compare the contents and all the features above, and you'll agree there's no other course like this one.

What are readers saying?

Mark (West Virginia, USA):

Thank you for your download of the Speed Reading draft. Your book is one of the few that I have read that really makes sense. I have tried Evelyn Woods Reading Dynamics, Eye Q, and I have read numerous books on speed reading. Most of these books and methods promise speeds that are impossible to achieve. I especially liked your 'World Speed Reading Championship' information. That information helped my self esteem immensely.

Marie (Student):

It is the best speed reading course I have come across.


Thank you for the information provided in your speed reading ebook. It far exceeded my expectations in terms of content and honesty. The structure of your instruction manual is logical, comprehensive and easy to follow. The quality of information is outstanding. The honesty of the author is more than refreshing and it supports his position that learning can not be gained through trickery or get-it-quick-schemes. Highly recommend reading and applying the information in the manual, and I will recommend your website and product to my students. Thank you again for an excellent product.

Common learning myths

During our research for the course, we found a lot of hype, marketing and conflicting information. Here are some points on some of the more common questions that confront people wanting to read faster:

Do I need software and other more expensive systems to learn to read faster?

Examples: EyeQ, Rocketreader, Reader's Edge

We haven't been able to find a single published and properly-conducted study that shows that specialist devices and methods are any better than the simple techniques taught in this course. Each of these has their own issues. For example, often these systems set a fixed pace. You will see in this course you need to learn to vary your pace as you read. Other systems don't translate skills well from computer to paper (consider that most of what we read is still on paper).

Also, here are two quotes from the #1 and #2 top selling speed-reading books on

Can I read at 25,000 words per minute?

Examples: PhotoReading, Infinity Reading System, Mental Photography

You can turn pages at 25,000 words per minute, however you won't be understanding or learning what you are seeing in any great detail. If you look at these courses closely, the 'image reading' part of the system is often followed by subsequent phases where you have to read at slower rates to 'activate' the material you've read.

Here's my point of view: These courses are teaching you to skim read very quickly first. You'll pick up maybe 5% of the material. You then skim read at a normal pace, adding a further maybe 10-20% to your understanding of the book. When you then read the material in detail, you'll feel like the material is 'activating' in your mind. In reality, you are just recalling what you saw during the skim reading.

You don't need to pay $240 to $800 or more to learn how to skim read.

If you want further evidence, take a look at the results from the 2003 Speed Reading World Championships, held in the UK:

Position Entrant Raw WPM Compre-
1st Anne L. Jones 2284 56.30% 1285
2nd Andrew Havery 1108 56.30% 623
3rd Henry Hopking 1330 45.80% 610

Which method does Anne Jones teach? The same simple techniques I teach you in this course. If systems such as PhotoReading work, why don't we see much higher results in these types of events?

Does reading faster mean I learn faster?

Not necessarily. Reading faster is just one part of the learning process. Faster reading falls under the Locate and Explore steps of the Memletic Process. There are several more steps you need to go through to learn and memorize the information you find in a book. The Memletics Accelerated Learning Manual is dedicated to teaching you how to learn faster.

What about Hemisync, the Mozart Effect, subliminal learning, sleep learning and other systems?

See my comments on the Memletics comparison page.

See the Products page for more information on availability.